Greenview Regional Multiplex Mandate:

  • Greenview Regional Multiplex to provide a fun, safe, and vibrant environment for guests to participate in recreational activities, explore new interests, achieve personal goals, meet social wellness needs, develop healthy lifestyles, and celebrate achievements. The Greenview Regional Multiplex will be the heart of the community and surrounding area to promote healthy active living and overall wellness.

Greenview Regional Multiplex Mission Statement:

  • Greenview Regional Multiplex strives to provide quality services and programs to our guests and our community by setting high standards, working towards clear goals, and following best practices.
  • To provide accommodation for local community groups and public-sector organizations to enhance local services for residents, particularly for those people who are disadvantaged, or who face difficulties accessing provision appropriate to their needs and circumstances.
  • The Greenview Regional Multiplex charts a course for a lifetime appreciation and involvement in recreation and wellness activities for the citizens of Valleyview and area, driving physical, social, intellectual, and cultural development for those we serve.

By Providing Funding Opportunities to Non-Profit Organizations, Schools, and qualifying individuals Greenview Regional Multiplex strives to encourage continued development of a healthy community for everyone! Applications can be found online and emailed to or picked up in person at the Greenview Regional Multiplex.